ARC REVIEW: Hell And Back by N.P. Martin

*I received a digital ARC copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.

 Hell And Back
Author: N.P. Martin
Series: (The Watchers #2.5)
Publication date:
Genres: Paranormal, Urban Fantasy

Synopsis (from Amazon):

After being captured in Hell by her own mother—who works for the King of Hell himself—Leia Swanson is finally released from her nightmarish prison in the dreaded Depths, the deepest, darkest part of Hell.

Soon after, Leia finds herself working for the King, the very demon she came to Hell to kill, and soon discovers that Hell is not only more twisted than she first realized, but also more complicated, especially when she has to work alongside her mother as an enforcer and intelligence gatherer, fighting against the many enemies who want to take down the King.

It isn’t long before Leia finds herself walking a dangerous line between being a loyal servant to the King and continuing to plot her escape from Hell, along the way trying to convince her reluctant and damaged mother to help her. On top of all this, Leia’s inner demon wants to take control of her, and she must also find a way to rescue little Alice, who has been sold into sex slavery.

Leia is on her most dangerous and complicated mission yet. If she fails, eternal suffering awaits her in the depths of Hell.

Format: ARC || Ebook
Rating: 4.5/5
      Hell And Back is the next book in the series after Hell Is Here, which is after Hell Is Coming. It is fantastic. It definitely didn’t disappoint, and it was one heck of a ride! In this book, we follow Leia after she was thrown in the depths. We see the torture she goes through before she is finally released, and from there on, her life only gets harder. She has to contend with the fact of who the King is and who he isn’t any longer. She has to work for him and in the process, gain a bloodlust and possibly false sense of loyalty for the King. She has more than one battle: she has yet to fully understand her demon, she has to find out a way to succeed in her mission, and she has to survive with herself in tact. Because everyone knows that Hell is no place of faith, hope, and anything other than pain and misery.
      Just like in the first two books, I love the characters. I love how Leia is portrayed and how close we get to her in this book. I feel like I can predict her reactions now because of how well I feel I know her. I also love how strong she is. She may not be the same after all she’s gone through, but if anything, she’s stronger and has a better overall understanding which I’m sure will help her in the long run. Honestly, I admire her so much for not breaking, for not losing herself in the midst of Hell’s deceit, torture, and addicting bloodlust. Hell has hardened her, but not so much that she isn’t still Leia, because she is: she’s still kind, caring, strong, and loving (which was shown mostly through her caring of Alice, but also her mother). She just doesn’t cry or despair over the horrors of Hell anymore because she’s gotten used to it. You’re bound to accept the darker parts of Hell after living in them for however long Leia’s been there so far.
      Which brings me to her mother. How Leia’s mom has any humanity left in her after all those centuries she’s spent in Hell being tortured and subjected to such cruelness, I have no idea. But it’s easy to see where Leia gets her strength from. Leia’s mom is an assassin, which means she can definitely hold her own, but she still has heart. I expected her to be so different from how Leia remembered her, since she’s been in Hell for so long, but to be honest, she’s still the same. In a way. She forgets emotions, caring, love, but with Leia there, she has a light again. And the part of her she buried in order to survive in Hell starts to appear again. She’s also pretty badass, just saying.
      King Eblis is…. well, he’s as cruel as one would expect Hell’s King to be. He lies, deceives, tortures, and he’s so far into the darkness he has no humanity left. And while at times he can play the part of a caring person, it’s only ever to help him succeed in his games. I definitely loved him in the end though, where Leia and him had a moment, before Alice makes herself known (I can’t really explain the situation because of spoilers, sorry!).
      Speaking of the end, it played out so much better than what I had been conjuring up! It was… brilliant! The adrenaline, the rage, the hope, it was all so addicting and I easily lost myself in the book. I mean, I was easily hooked and lost in the story, but at that point, I was so far in I forgot I was reading a book in the first place…. I know. I’m weird. And I’ll admit, I predicted what would happen with the whole Leia-must-kill-Eblis situation, like what she would end up doing. But the rest I didn’t see coming until moments before that. It’s great!
      And now I’m being random but, to be honest, I want more of Lucas. It’s obvious at times how much Leia misses him, and that makes me want them together again because she deserves some happiness, you know? And so I hope we get more of him in the next book.
      Overall, Hell And Back is a brilliantly written book. I love the characters, the writing, the world, the situations, and how easy it is to fall into the story. So yeah, I recommend this to everyone.

REVIEW: Hell Is Here by N.P. Martin

*I received a digital copy from the author.

Title: Hell Is Here
Author: N.P. Martin
Series: (The Watchers #2)
Publication date: March 7th, 2015
Genres: Paranormal, Urban Fantasy

Synopsis (from Goodreads):

When Leia Swanson sold her soul, she knew it would only be a matter of time before the demon she sold it to came to collect.

Six months down the line, the demon who owns her soul has come calling. Not only does the demon want to drag Leia to Hell, it wants her to undertake a dangerous and impossible mission while she is down there in exchange for getting her soul back.

With no choice but to take on the mission, Leia finds herself thrust into the terrifyingly insane world of Hell where it will take every ounce of her strength and guile to survive the unspeakable horrors she must go up against there. And as if that wasn’t enough, she must also try to locate her mother, who is still trapped there in a world of damned souls, eternal punishment, crazy Hellion’s and dangerous demon politics.

Leia must play the damnation game to win, the only people helping her a little girl born in the fiery pits of Hell itself and a stranger she meets along the way.

Format: Ebook
Rating: 4.5/5
      Hell Is Here is the second book in the Watchers series, and it’s all about Leia going to Hell (because she sold her soul), and having to complete a seemingly impossible mission for a chance to get her soul back. Or, well it actually starts with her waiting around for the Crossroads Demon to collect her, and so she spends her time hunting demons and getting into old habits. She also visits Josh, however they aren’t nearly as close as they used to be and Josh is obviously the darker twin, which leaves her worried, even while Leia tries her best to survive in Hell. When the demon finally comes to collect her soul, though, he offers her a choice, a chance to get her soul back if she does something for him, or stay in Hell for all eternity. Naturally she agreed to the chance of getting her soul back, and so they come up with a shaky plan and then she’s in Hell, trying to make that plan a reality.
      Leia is overwhelmed and unsure of how to get where she needs to be, and being in Demon form, she also has to worry about not giving in and losing control. She meets a little girl who she finds out was born in one of the deeper, darker parts of Hell that she names Alice though, and suddenly she has a guide. A friend. And Alice, although having never known kindness or love before, is a kind soul who can only give. She can do wrong, she was born in Hell after all, but she only helps Leia and the two form a bond. I came to admire Alice for her strength, for her bravery and for her loyalty. She’s an admirable character. She sticks by Leia, convinces Leia to leave her when she has to, and still stays standing after all the horrors she’s been through in Hell.
      Hell is brutal. That’s probably not even that great of a word to describe it. It’s a red hued world filled with nasty, horrible demons of all sorts, types, colours, shapes, and sizes. There’s so many different demons, and yet each were horrifying and most probably made of what nightmares originate from. The descriptions were cringe worthy, so were the demons and their actions. It was brutal to see the way Leia was treated, how the others were treated and how they acted. It’s a ‘dog eat dog world’ as Edward would say, where demons steal, eat each other, rape their meals, and have the unfortunate curse of never being able to die. They always regenerate. I have to say though, that I really love the world. It was raw, brutal, horrifying, and most definitely brilliantly written. As harsh as Hell is, I loved the author’s vision and the way he wrote Hell.

      The torture scenes were horrific, and hard to read, yet not hard at all. They flowed so well that you just got sucked in, and while you hated and was disgusted by the torture, you couldn’t help but keep reading. Like I said, it’s a brutal world. It just made me reevaluate Leia’s strength though, as she kept moving. She didn’t stop and cry, or curl up in a ball only to be miserable and get tossed in depression. No. She got back up after healing (she had help) and kept on with her mission.

Overall, I loved reading Hell Is Here and I’m definitely excited for the next installment. The ending shot a twist our way and then Leia was back to being tortured and wow! I just can’t wait to see where the author brings us next.


REVIEW: The Dreamer by E.J. Mellow

* I received an eARC copy of this book from Xpresso Book Tours in exchange for an honest review.

Title: The Dreamer
Author: E.J. Mellow
Series: (The Dreamland Series, #1)
Publication date: May 15th 2015
Genres: Fantasy, New Adult

Goodreads || Amazon || B&N

It’s night. Always night. Dreams guard against the evil forged by nightmares. Infinite shooting stars illuminate a moonless sky. A city stands alone, surrounded by a darkened field. On its fringes, a man watches one star separate from the masses and fall. What survives the crash will unveil a secret centuries long hidden.

Molly hasn’t slept well since the night of her twenty-fourth birthday. Being struck by lightning might have something to do with it, but then again, her chicken did look a little undercooked at dinner. Whatever the culprit, her life quickly catapults from mundane to insane as, night after night, Molly is transported through her once dreamless sleep to a mysterious land illuminated by shooting stars.

There she meets the captivating but frustrating Dev, and together they discover Molly possesses a power coveted by his people—the ability to conjure almost anything she desires into existence. Seduced by the possibilities of this gift, Molly shifts her attention from waking life toward the man, the magic, and the world found in her dreams.

But Molly must ask herself—does something truly exist if you only see it when you close your eyes?

Faced with the threat of losing everything—her job, best friend, boyfriend, and most importantly, that little thing called her sanity—Molly will learn just how far she’ll go to uncover what is real and what is merely a figment of her imagination.

And Now For My Review!
Format: Ebook
Rating: 4/5
      The Dreamer is a very well written story about a 24-year-old woman who was struck by lightning. Now she suddenly has these dreams, theses seriously vivid dreams, that leave her questioning her sanity and yearning for someone she’s sure isn’t real. By day she’s just Molly, a normal woman resting and recovering from her recent accident (being struck by lightning), usually hanging out with her best friend Becca, and sort-of boyfriend Jared (they’re untitled, not labelled, but together). By night she’s Molly, The Dreamer with crazy cool powers who’s discovering a whole new wave of feelings with Dev, and a whole new world full of a bunch of new people.
      So, I just want to get this out right now. Molly irritated me a lot. It’s not because she was a bad character or anything, because she is actually a pretty good one, but because of her… situation with Jared and Dev. Jared is a nice, handsome young man who is clearly in love with Molly. He understands her, always makes her feel at ease, and things with them are just so in touch that it makes you want what they have. Jared adores her, he’s there for her and wants to be her forever. And Dev, well, Dev is a handsome man in her dreams. He’s strong and odd in a sense that he comes from a whole new place where everything is so new and different to Molly. He’s a jerk at times, never answers her questions, flirts with her a lot, and he obviously likes her. And so the reason she irritates me? While she’s basically dating Jared, who is a nice and brilliant guy in the real world, she’s also experiencing feelings for Dev and kissing him and flirting and touching. When she’s with Dev, she forgets all about Jared. In fact, she hardly spares him a thought while she dreams! And while she’s with Jared, she has a hard time forgetting Dev, forgetting his touch and his kiss. It irritates me because she’s basically cheating in Jared, and it’s like she doesn’t even care! Until she has sex with him and feels guilty for thinking of Dev. But seriously, she’s Jared’s whole world and she doesn’t even love him. Not yet, at least, but she’s sure she can some day. It’s safe to say I’d rather she be with Jared. I mean, Dev’s great and all, but she only sees him when her eyes are closed. And Jared’s more open.
      Whew. Okay, so not that I got that out of the way…
      I’ll start off with the world building. It was amazing. I could visualize most of what was described and I really liked the feel we got of the workings of Terra. However, there were times that while things were described really well, I just couldn’t visualize them. And so while reading, there were points where I had a blank visual because I just couldn’t picture it in my mind. Though I really love the people. There were the Nocturna, who all wore black, and there were Vigil, who wore fancy robes and the likes. The Vigil are the leaders, the council, basically, and they know a lot that they keep from the Nocturna. I really like how they had the two different groups, much like us normal citizens and then the government. I also like how the author balanced between Terra and the real world. I was never bored or sick of wither world, and I actually eagerly awaited to get back to the other while I was reading of one. I was so invested in both sides, that Molly’s decision (which I’m sure she’ll have to make) about Jared or Dev, is really tearing into me. I want her with Jared, but then Dev will get all sad and empty again and Rae will probably be very angry with her…
      I also like how Molly thinking she’s going insane was portrayed. It really felt like she was losing her marbles. She definitely changed since meeting Dev. She wanted to sleep more, she was zoning out a lot. She even took sleeping pills at one point just to get answers from Dev. Which may or may not have worked, I won’t say because it’s be a spoiler.
      Which brings me to characters. They all play a big part in Molly’s life and how things go. I adore them all. I can’t think of a single character I didn’t like. And while at times they may have irritated me (Molly), or made me want to punch them in the face for potentially ruining something great (Dev), I loved them more than I didn’t.
      Overall, I liked this book and all the characters, the world building, and the feelings it makes you feel. I recommend it to you lovers of romance and fantasy.

BLOG TOUR/REVIEW: An Absence of Light by Meradeth Houston

 *I’m posting this as part of the XpressoBookTours An Absence of Light Blog Tour. I recieved a free ebook copy of this in order to do so.AnAbsenseOfLightTourBanner
Title: An Absence of Light
Author: Meradeth Houston
Published by: Evernight Teen
Publication date: October 31st 2014
Genres: Horror, Science Fiction, Young Adult
 Goodreads || Amazon || B&N


Leah’s always seen the shadow creatures. She thought she was immune to their evil—until now.

She’s walked into a massacre, stolen a BMW, and is running from the law for a crime she didn’t commit. Nineteen-year-old Leah’s life just went from mildly abnormal to totally crazy at lightning speed. But no one will believe that the shadow creatures are framing her for the murder, because she’s the only one that can see them. At least that’s what she thought.

When Leah stumbled across a group who share her ability, she discovers they have something she doesn’t: a way to fight back. When the group offers to teach her how to kill the shadow creatures, Leah jumps at the chance. But something is brewing with the creatures. They’re tracking down the hunters like there’s no tomorrow. Leah suspects that maybe there won’t be, and it’s up to her to make sure tomorrow comes. Because she’ll do anything to stop the shadows, including risking her life—and the life of the one she loves—to keep the world from being lost to darkness forever.

And now, on to my review!
Format: Ebook
4/5 stars
      An Absence of Light is a book full of action, growth, bravery, romance, and perhaps even horror. I honestly didn’t find it scary, however if I were to deal with something like that in real life, then yeah, I’d be pretty terrified. We follow Leah in the beginning after the tragic death of her family, and then she runs away and stumbles upon a man who can also see the shadows. It all begins unraveling from there, learning more of her special abilities, of the shadows, and of how to possibly solve the problems the shadows’ mere presence create. In the midst, there’s romance, action, and a whole lot of twists.
What I Liked:
  • The writing. It was easy to follow and get immersed in the story line. I had only planned on reading a chapter, maybe two, and then I ended up finishing it so… That speaks for itself. d: But it also flowed well, and the interactions between the characters were often slightly amusing. Though sometimes it felt a little too unrealistic.
  • The abilities of the shadows. I enjoyed the twists and the new information Adam, Manuel, and Lee kept discovering. Some felt a little like they were thrown in, but nevertheless the twists kept me on my toes and I was surprised more then once. I especially love the way the shadows are explained. Their description just makes you imagine this creepy, slimy, black thing with no particular shape that can easily blend in and mess with you. It’s a little scary, right?
  • The characters. I enjoyed how they each portray their own way of protection, how they all seem to bond so well. They are each strong and determined, having lost so much to the shadows. I was rooting for them throughout the book and with each moment they felt hopeless I felt even more hope that they’d get through it. I loved the emotions because of that.
  • I like how not all of the shadows are bad. I won’t go into further detail though, as this is already partially a spoiler (sorry).
What I Didn’t Like:
  • The ending (I won’t go into further details because of spoilers) seemed far too quick. Possibly rushed. My heart wanted to break, but with how quickly it happened, I didn’t really feel anything…
  • The specific relationship that is formed happened so suddenly. I get that they’re afraid that they’ll die and so they want to make sure they know how they feel, but to just climb into bed and be all touchy-feely after so long of going back and forth between friends and enemies? I feel like we should get more of them slowly leading up to that point, because before that we pretty much only have protective instincts and seemingly not any real emotion.
  • Adam’s sister’s condition, how she got like that, isn’t explained and I feel like it should be further explored. Perhaps then we could feel a deeper terror and be able to immerse ourselves deeper in the story?
  • Considering Amy had been possessed for so long, you’d think they would have noticed others as well. But instead, they all show up once they realize what Amy is. That, well, it just makes it seem as if it was thrown in there as a second thought. I think we should’ve seen more like Amy beforehand, and then when they realize what she is they can piece it together based on what they saw before, instead of there suddenly being groups of them after Amy is discovered.

Overall, I enjoyed reading An Absence of Light and I would recommend it for you fans of horror, sci-fi, and romance. Oh, and action!

MeradethHoustonAUTHOR BIO:

Meradeth’s never been a big fan of talking about herself, but if you really want to know, here are some random tidbits about her:

-She’s a Northern California girl. And now is braving the cold winters in Montana.
-When she’s not writing, she’s sequencing dead people’s DNA. For fun!
-She’s also an anthropology professor and loves getting people interested in studying humans.
-If she could have a super-power, it would totally be flying. Which is a little strange, because she’s terrified of heights.

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REVIEW: Broken Lies by Claire Vale

*I received the ebook version of this from Xpresso Book Tours in exchange for an honest review.

Title: Broken Lies

Author: Claire Vale

Series: (Broken #1)

Publication Date: March 10th, 2015

Genres: Dystopia, Young Adult

Format: Ebook

4/5 stars

Scientists predicted it would take seventy years for the Arctic Shelf to completely melt. In the end, it took less than five. We lost thirty percent of our land to the oceans and a big chunk of our structure to panic and anarchy.

The Melt crippled us.

But it was the Arctic Virus at the bottom of The Melt, trapped for millennia in the darkest depths of ice strata, that broke us. The real flood was the Living Corpses. A population of billions turned to soulless, rabid shells within months. That’s what washed away the human race as we know it.

Born into a post-apocalyptic world, Lake has grown up in the last city standing. Governed by what used to be the Queen’s Cold Stream  Guard, vaccinated against the threat, life in Windsor City is both harsh and fair. The rules are designed to strengthen the city and ensure survival.

Lake’s future is planned out with opportunities and unfair advantages and then there’s Ash—her best friend and hopefully more. Things could be worse, considering she’s living past the end of days. And, sometimes, she could definitely do with being a better person, which was what drafting into the Guard for two years of service was supposed to be about.

But she has no idea what she’s signed up for. The city is more vulnerable than she’d ever imagined, on its knees at the mercy of a megalomaniac organisation, and she’s just been chosen to pay the price.

Broken Lies is full of strength, bravery, survival, growth, deceit, friendship (there’s some seriously strong bonds), and even a dash of romance (perhaps a little too much for my taste, the way it was written, but even so it wasn’t so bad). We mainly follow a group of four friends, also considered as two couples: Lake and Ash, and Ava and Ralley. All four are very important characters, and then add Thomas to spice things up a little, and suddenly you have more humour, a love triangle, and growth in a certain character.

To be honest, the love triangle was a little… eh. It didn’t really work for me. I mean, Ash is a great guy and all, but he felt more like best friend material. The way he was always making Lake feel as if she should be better as a person, as if she didn’t deserve him, as if she should be stronger and take certain things more seriously because he wants her too, just didn’t make me want to root for him as a romantic interest. He was better playing her friend, always concerned and supportive and just being there. He hurt her, too. Which honestly, I think was pretty unnecessary in the way it panned out, as yeah okay sure, it broke them up, but it was never really explained. And from all we know of Ash up to that point, he would never do something like that, and so instead it felt like something thrown in just so there’d be a huge distance between them. Either way, I definitely prefer the other love interest. He’s by far a better choice. Lake herself says that being with him makes her feel as if maybe it’s okay to be herself. And that’s what she needs, what would make her happier in the long run.

But anyway, the overall plot and content was very enjoyable. I loved the action (during actual fights and even the training), the world-building, the survival training course, and the characters. I enjoyed the zombie-like aspect, the -as they call them- LCs, or Living Corpses if you like. They proved to be very dangerous and I believe they play a rather large part. That being said, though, I must admit that I feel like the book focused more on the relationships of the couples and the troubles between them, than on the surviving and the threats (the LCs and many more) and how they could possibly fix their problems. The romance part of the book seemed to take the lead, with everything else a lingering shadow of what should be more pronounced. That’s another reason why the love triangle really didn’t work for me. I still enjoyed the book, though, as the training and the survival and the attacks were all very intriguing and engaging.

At the end, however, a certain twist was revealed and all I could think was: Hunger Games. It’s different, yes, but it still is very similar and so I’m not entirely sure about the next book. I’m sure I’ll enjoy it, as I really want to see who Lake ends up with (if it’s who I’m hoping then things are about to get a whole lot better), if Ava and Ralley get back together, and if the three boys (Ash, Ralley, and Thomas) will really go through with what they’re being forced to, or if they will find some way out. I’m already thinking it’ll be full of action, and loss, and romance that’ll actually work. I’m pretty excited, actually. Out of all the ways it can go, which path will the author take? But I’m still hesitant, because what if it resembles the Hunger Games too much?

But yes, overall I really enjoyed reading Broken Lies. If you’re a fan of dystopia, action, romance, and maybe even zombies, then I suggest giving this book a try!


REVIEW: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs

   Full of strange, odd, brilliant characters and situations, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children instantly grew close to my heart. It is the perfect mix of strange and odd and normal and creepy and everything one should love in a book.

Can I just say one thing though? Okay. My brain is stuck on repeat. Like, all I can think  about is how this book is just:

It’s so… peculiar. [;)] It was so easy to be immersed in the story. Initially, I  would  try to only read a little a day because I ordered the second book and I didn’t  want to  finish it days before my order came in, but then I just kept getting sucked in and it was really hard to put it down and so I stopped reading it for a few days. And then I found out my order is going to be late and so I thought, ‘screw it’ and I picked it up and finished it.

I was intrigued all throughout the book and I adore how the photographs entwined with the story. It’s so weird (in a good way) and not like anything I’ve ever read before. The peculiar children are so odd and it’s like.. I don’t even know. I just finished the book, right, and I can’t form proper thoughts right now. Basically, in a good, brilliantly written way:

And who doesn’t love madness? Especially when it comes in the form of floating, invisible, ball of fire/light producing, supernaturally strong,  peculiar children? And of course, there’s more but you’ll have to read Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children to find out. d:

This is the first book, right, so it’s more of an introductory to the world and the children and some of the issues they need to fix, but even so it’s so well written and structured, and the situations the characters are put through keep you on the edge of your seat. You almost feel as if the character’s emotions are your own, and like you’re with him, watching as it all unfolds. It’s just so unique and strange and brilliant.

I might edit this tomorrow, considering that it’s late and this probably fails to express the actual brilliance this story possesses, and so I’ll leave after I say this: You need to read this book in order to understand how unique and strange it really is. You want a story that you’ll love? One you have the urge to re-read? One that will always stick with you because of how different it is? Then pick up Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children and experience it all. It’s brilliant. And if you don’t love it, well, I don’t know what to say to you. I’d say I can guarantee you will love it, but not everyone loves the same book. With that said, I hope you decide to read it and love it as much as I do!

Rating: 5/5 stars.


REVIEW: Of High Treason by Ember Shane

*This is the sequel to Of Royal Descent
**I received this book from the author. (Thanks Ember!<33)

Alright, I just need to get this off my chest before I get on with the review: WHAT THE HECK IS JENNY?! Like, my first thought was Vampire (I mean, obviously. My first ever obsession was Vampires, so duh d:) but I don’t even know right now because I mean, there were hints but they weren’t solid enough to be sure. Like, I’m 95% sure she is. I think.

Now that I sorta got that out of the way, let’s get on with the review shall we?

Of High Treason may be significantly shorter than Of Royal Descent (which I was really bummed about at first but now I totally get it and it’s all good), but it’s BETTER THEN THE FIRST ONE. Not by much, obviously, because the first one was pretty awesome, but in Of High Treason we get more action and determination and character growth and it’s just so great and I love it.

Okay so I can’t give too many details (because of this thing called spoilers) but I’m still going to share some information. This is my attempt to subtly convince you to read this series. Like, now. So first, key reasons of why you need to read this series: zombies, action, zombies, fantastic character development, zombies, romance, family and friend bonds which are very touching at times, zombies, some drama, zombies, lies and deceit, hope and bravery, zombies, the supernatural, action, and have I said zombies yet? d: So second: IT MESSES WITH YOUR EMOTIONS. Like, after reading the first book, I was so sure I could trust almost all of the characters, and I thought I had Bradbury all figured out. And now I realize, well damn, I WAS WRONG. Like, man. I’m still so messed up about it. That twist though, personally, I never saw it coming. Or, well okay I sorta did, but only like, moments before it happened? I don’t know. It just messed me up bad because I had no idea who I could trust, and I was freaking out when Doyle pushed the button and whoa. I was so immersed in the story that I felt as if I was right by the characters’ side during it all. I trusted, and then I was betrayed, and man. Gimme a minute. I need a minute to collect myself. To accurately express myself:

I was going to have a reason 3, but like, if you don’t want to read this series by now then it’s obviously not for you. I still suggest you give it a try though. Because ZOMBIES. d: Basically, the writing is fantastic, the character development is fantastic, the action and the twists are fantastic (I barely saw, if ever, the twists that occurred and made my feelings so confused, like why Ember, why?! d:), and I love it so. Yep. Although, okay so there are some… dirty scenes. In the first book, they’re not graphic, and they never go far. In this one though, there’s once where it’s not graphic, and then at the end where it is. I know not everyone will enjoy this series, and that not everyone is okay with what I just said, and so that’s okay. But if you are okay with it, definitely give this series a go!

This is me begging you:

But yeah, so that’s my feels. I don’t usually have so many feels in a review. I apologize.

Oh, and rating: 5/5 stars. You should’ve seen that coming if you’re surprised. d: