Review Policy

At Fishing for Books I review YA book almost exclusively, but I do sometimes mix it up with an NA/MG title, particularly if it’s fantasy.

I can’t guarantee that every book I receive for review will be read and reviewed, nor can I review to short deadlines -if at all. If you have a certain date you need a review up by, we’ll have to agree to a date before I receive a copy. Note that I also can not guarantee that they will be 5-star reviews, as my opinions and thoughts are my own and honest no matter where I get the book from.

If you have any questions, check out my contact page and don’t be scared to use it!

Genres I read include and are similar to:

  • Fantasy
  • Paranormal
  • Contemporary (though I’m picky)
  • Apocalyptic
  • Retellings
  • Romance (not erotica)
  • Dystopia
  • Sci-fi
  • Mystery/Thriller

Note: I am open to reading new genres and books other than YA, MG, and NA, however I will be very picky.

I will not accept any reviews unless I an interested in the title.

I accept ARCs, already published books (self-published or otherwise), ebooks, paperbacks, and hardcovers. Physical copies are preferred, but are under no circumstances required. I will not accept audiobooks.

I am also open to hosting blog tours, cover reveals, and giveaways.

My Rating System:

★★★★★ = This book is brilliant!

★★★★1/2 = This book is amazing!

★★★★ = This book is great!

★★★1/2 = This book is pretty good!

★★★ = This book is good!

★★1/2 = This book is somewhat okay.

★★ =It’s okay, but I don’t like it.

★1/2 = I don’t like this book.

★ = I really don’t like this book. I wish I hadn’t read it.

If I DNF, I don’t give a rating.

If you wish to submit a review request, make sure to include:

  • Book information (cover, title, author, synopsis, publisher, genre(s), release date, page count, series name and status if applicable)
  • Short excerpt
  • Audience (YA, NA, ect)
  • Review deadline
  • Format you’re willing to offer (PDF, mobi, epub, physical copy)
  • Anything else you think I should know or any requests you may have (ex: posting my review on B&N, if it’s an ARC… ect)
  • Content issues (level of sexual content, coarse language, violence)

Again, I can not guarantee that I will review you book. However, in that case I would give you notice. For example, if I am unable to finish your book then I won’t be able to review it effectively, so I’ll send an email or some other form of communication to notify you.

All book reviews are posted to my blog, Goodreads, and Amazon (if it’s an ARC, I will post it on the release date for Amazon). If you would like me to post a review elsewhere, please add it in your request.