[COVER REVEAL] The Unseen by Jacob Devlin


The second book in Jacob Devlin’s  Order of the Bell series has a cover! And I get the pleasure of being one of the many people to share it with you. If you don’t know who Jacob Devlin is, you can check out his information here, along with his other published works.

Now, the cover! Isn’t it just lovely?


For those who wish to know, this series can be classified as adventure, coming of age, fantasy, and retellings. The synopsis can be found right below to instill a bit of intrigue:

Still separated from their families, Crescenzo DiLegno and his two best friends fight for their sanity and their lives in war-torn Wonderland. Meanwhile, their families and friends find themselves imprisoned at the mercy of a former ally.


B&N || Amazon.com

If you want to know a bit about book one, information can be found below!


Crescenzo never would’ve thought his father’s figurines were modeled after real people, but when his loved ones start vanishing from his life, he must unite their real life counterparts and seek their aid to save his family.


B&N || Amazon.com/ca



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