[REVIEW] Blood Magic by T.G. Ayer


22280111Title: Blood Magic
Author: T.G. Ayer
Series: (DarkWorld: Soul Tracker #1)
Pub. Date: May 3rd, 2014
Publisher: Infinite Ink Books
Genre: YA, Fantasy
Format: Ebook
Source: Author
Rating: ★★★.5

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In the DarkWorld the things that go bump in the night are most likely true. And the problem is they are probably not sticking to bumping around in the night. They are everywhere. Your work colleagues, your teachers, even your friends. They’ve been living that way for a long time. And you haven’t noticed becsuse they don’t want you to.
You’re much better off not asking any questions.

Mel Morgan is a Master Teleporter. She can move through the Veil into the otherworldly planes. A handy skill when looking for missing people. It’s a lonely job, but with her gargoyle partner she’s never minded lonely.

Until a certain super-hot Djinn walks into her life. He needs her help to find someone he loves. And Mel can never say no to someone in need. But the road to helping Saleem is fraught with secrets better left uncovered.

Can Mel and Saleem dodge demons and sorcerers long enough to save the ones they love?

This book is part of the DarkWorld world but can be read on its own. To read Skin Deep & Lost Soul (Kailin & Logan’s story) click here: amazon.com/Skin-Deep-DarkWorld-Novel-…


     Blood Magic is a quick, enthralling read following Mel, a famous tracker and skilled teleporter, as she rushes to save a young girl from demons. She meets some shady characters along the way and has to make some immoral deals in order to finish her mission. Twist? The little girl is special, and the demons will stop at nothing to get her back. Uncovering a huge plot of some darker plans, Mel pairs up with Saleem, a Djinn, in hopes of beating the odds and solving the mystery.

The premise of this novel held me captive, as it was promising. Mel lost her sister at a young age, and now she has a job where she tracks and rescues missing children to fill in that hole. She takes pride in returning children to their families, because they feel the joy she never got. What I had trouble understanding however, was why she was this master tracker everyone knows about. Can no one else follow a magical trail by touching something that has the missing person’s DNA on it? Admittedly, the magical concept of this novel was fairly intriguing, full of teleporting, tracking, projecting, spells, witches, necromancers, demons, the likes. However, it fell a little flat. The magic in the novel was huge for the plot, and it never really delivered. Yes, there is magical wards and spells and trickery, but not as much as you may expect from the synopsis. This is only the beginning however, and the second books holds a lot of promise.

Romance plays a small part in this book. It’s one of those, “I saw the stranger and immediately fell in love with his intense eyes, and he couldn’t look away from me, nor could I look away from him” kind of things. Thankfully, there were only a few cringe worthy sentences. Most of the romance centered on the two characters helping each other out and worrying about them. There was a kiss here and there, something that was never really built up to because the romance itself is fairly underdeveloped. I have hopes that the second novel builds on that more, because as instant as it is, the characters do seem to work well with each other, and the romance is more so a back burner to finding missing people and uncovering a large political plot.


Overall, Blood Magic is a whirlwind of danger and magic, secrets and deceit. This quick read is full of mystery and action, something most everyone can enjoy!


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