[REVIEW] Dreamer, Wisher, Liar by Charise Mericle Harper

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Dreamer, Wisher, Liar
Author: Charise Mericle Harper
Pub. Date: April 15th, 2014
Genres: Middle Grade, Realistic Fiction, Magical Realism
Rating: ★★★★✰

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When her best friend is moving away and her mom has arranged for some strange little girl to come and stay with them, Ash—who is petrified of change and new people—is expecting the worst summer of her life. Then seven-year-old Claire shows up. Armed with a love of thrift-store clothes and an altogether too-sunny disposition, Claire proceeds to turn Ash’s carefully constructed life upside down.

While every part of Ash’s life seems to be disrupted, she must protect a carefully hidden secret: She has discovered a magical jar in her basement. It’s a wish jar, full of someone’s old wishes—and it has the power to send her back in time and provide a window into another friendship between two girls. Discovering her own connection to the girls’ story shows Ash that her life is full of surprises and friends she never saw coming.


    Dreamer, Wisher, Liar is a heartening tale about growing up. This book takes us through hurtles and tough times, when it all seems to be falling apart, and it mends it all together in a realistic way as discoveries are made and characters mature.

Ashley’s best friend is moving away, and while she’s gone Ashley has to babysit a seven-year-old little girl. Missing her best friend takes up all her time, and adding a kid she never met into the mix? It’s not how Ash wants to spend her time. She wants to be with Lucy, to have Lucy stay and not leave. But then Ash finds an old wish jar, filled with little balls of paper that transport her to a different time whenever she reads them. Each wish reveals something new, and by the end, Ash learns the truth about friendship.

When Claire, the girl she has to babysit, first arrives all Ash can do is question her and feel awkward. Ash vows to be nice to her, and throughout their journey of going through Claire’s list, bonds are made and characters grow. Friendship is a strong part in this book. Everything has something to do about forming bonds or realizing things about friends, and it’s great! We’re taken through arguments, discoveries, and greif, and come out with happiness.

The mystery and adventures keep you engrossed and entertained. The development is brilliant, and the tale of growth is strong and influential. After reading this book, I feel like I should reevaluate my own friendships, and appreciate them more. So even though is was a bit confusing in the beginning, it hooks you. This is a lovely book to read whenever you’re in the mood for a tale about friendship!

Overall, this is a heart warming tale full of friendship and growth.


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