[REVIEW] Forget Me Not by Megan Tayte

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25261649Title: Forget Me Not
Author: Megan Tayte
Series: (Ceruleans #2)
Pub. Date: April 1st, 2015
Genres: YA, Fantasy, Romance
Format: Ebook
Source: The Author

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The Ceruleans: mere mortals infused with power over life and death. Five books; one question: If the might of the heavens were in your hands, would you be sinner or saint?

Death is stalking Scarlett Blake. As if the encroaching darkness in her head wasn’t enough, she’s become disturbingly accident prone. Falling off a cliff isn’t ideal when all you want is as much time as possible to live, to love.

Her fate is horrifying. Unbearable. And inescapable. No one can save Scarlett from The End that’s looming. Not Jude, the Cerulean who is intent on Claiming her. Not Luke, the boy who is intent on loving her.

The clock is ticking, louder with every heartbeat. Now Scarlett must decide how best to protect the people she loves. Will she trust in Jude and the life-after-death he promises? Will she stand against the Fallen, who have her sister captive? Will she carry the burden of her death alone – every headache, every hallucination, every wrenching, aching emotion?

And when the clock falls silent, when the darkness eclipses the light, will Scarlett fight for life? Or will she have no choice but to surrender?


      Forget Me Not is a lyrically beautiful tale full of loss, love, mystery, and danger. It keeps you on the edge of your seat, wondering which little “accident” will finally lead to the end, and make you wonder who is behind it all (if someone truly did orchestrate them). With the perfect blend of mystery and love, you find yourself stuck in a world you don’t want to leave.

      The writing is beautiful. Just as in the first book, the author has a way with words that makes you fall in love with her style, but also gives you a deeper look into the characters and their feelings or personalities. You can understand them, predict their reactions, and even when you get your predictions wrong, it feels right. The author makes you a part of this world that you get lost in, and it’s wonderful!

‘Beneath the very bluest of heavens, a sea of black, broken only by velvety green grass and they greying granite of grave markers.’ (1%)

      Unfortunately, the writing did give off a slightly disconnected tone. This book is full of “I did this, I did that, we went here and there, I felt this and kept at it, until this day where this happened”. I understand why the author did this, and it works well for this book, but it took away from the emotional connection a bit since you didn’t get to see that character act in such a way, so when she stopped not much was different. You don’t get to witness those actions and emotions, so you find you didn’t fully understand the actions taken and the paths walked. This also is a reason for my lack of tears. I did feel deeply for Luke and all the others who lost something, but I wasn’t overcome with profound sadness or an aching heart. The disconnection left me sad, but not too deeply involved.

“I’ll live a lifetime in the moments I have left,” … “I’ll live. I’ll live. I’ll make the living meaningful. And then… I’ll die.” (34%)

      Another reason for this is that Luke is a bit too perfect, too fake. He worries over everything in ways that made it feel like he was in the book just to provide a bit of worry over Scarlett. He was there for comfort, worry, and little else. Yes, their romance is a great one, but he acts like a robot programmed to worry worry worry, love, provide comfort, worry worry worry. It was a continuous cycle that made the emotional detachment a little more real. When he was with her, loving and comforting her, they were adorable and their passion was through the roof! It’s clear how much they truly love each other, and that’s beautiful all on its own. His perfection came off as too good to be true though.

      I like Jude. He ended up being a great friend, and, as was inevitable, the hero. Except for the one time he was a villain. He’s the nice guy, the one who likes Scarlett as a friend, eventually, but first sees her as a means to an end of guilt. He couldn’t save her sister, but he can sure as hell do everything in his power to save Scarlett. He was constantly saving her from the little “accidents”, though most she dealt with on her own (she’s one strong and brave character), and he tried his best to make her understand her power and her new to-be life.

      Daniel is a scary dude. I feel his introduction in this book is just to prepare us for what’s coming, though. This however, worked to the author’s advantage, because now I can’t wait to see how Scarlett will save Senna from his clutches, especially since he came off as a cold, violent person. I’m definitely anticipating those meetings!

      Lastly, I loved reading the parts from Sienna’s diary. I love that we got a deeper look into her character and her mindset, especially now that I’m sure we’ll meet her in the next book.

I had another moment. Only this time I didn’t shout. I threw my head back and whooped. I danced about. I hugged a tree. I hugged Jude.

Because apparently…

[Fanfare, please!]

…I’m some kind of sorcerer too. (8%)

      Overall, Forget Me Not is a lyrically woven tale about death and what one would do to save their family, with a perfect mix of dark mystery and brilliant romance.

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