BLOG TOUR/REVIEW: The Divide by E.J. Mellow

*I received an ebook copy of this from Xpresso Book Tours in order to participate in The Divide Blog Tour.
TheDivide 1
Title: The Divide
Author: E.J. Mellow
Series: (Dreamland #2)
Publication date: October 15th 2015
Genres: New Adult,Fantasy

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Molly finally uncovers the truth about the strange dreams that plagued her sanity for weeks. Now destined to accept a clandestine role, Molly must find the strength and courage buried deep to push forward and succeed.

With the help of Dev, the roguish blue-eyed man of her dreams—whose dark past resurfaces to haunt him—Molly prepares to test the limits of her newly awakened powers and set right a world on the edge of being consumed by nightmares.

But when an unknown shadow stalks her every step and a shocking revelation about her ancestry comes to light, Molly may find herself forced to make a decision that could leave her alone in the dark and standing on the wrong side of a divide.

Format: Ebook
Rating: 4.75/5
      This book is fantastic. Why? Because of the following:
      Descriptions: Amazing. Everything was described to the dot, so clear a picture that it felt like more than a reality you can picture in your head; it felt like a movie. And it wasn’t the everything-was-described-to-waste-space-until-something-interesting-happens kind of descriptions, because whenever something was explained in such detail it was done so for a reason. Such as the opening scene. Terra was described so we could better picture it and understand Molly’s adventures and conflicts concerning the location. The club was explained because in doing so, Molly fell into the lure and certain things changed and developed further. The creatures they were fighting were described to help us understand the terror they infuse, as well as help us understand their motives; and yes, they’re pure evil but they’re smart and living so therefore they have motives, and in describing so, we can better predict -or try to predict since I didn’t see quite a few things coming- their future actions.
      World-Building: One word: Brilliant. I adore Terra so much that I was actually hoping with every part of me that Molly would chose to stay there. It was evident that while in the real world, she was still partially in Terra mind wise, and while in Terra she rarely thought of the real world. That was one hint that Terra is the place for her, but it’s also the people there and the things she can do. With all the new things we learned about Terra, such as how they train, more about the previous Dreamers, the clubs and the restaurants and the ranks, the more we fell in love with this fictional world. Heck, if I was Molly, I’d want to sleep forever so long as I could be in Terra! The way it was all built up, and the fact that the author had to juggle between the real world and Terra and still pull it off so effortlessly is really admirable.
      Characters: We got a lot of character development in this novel. Molly noticeably grew stronger and more confident, though she still has a journey ahead of her. Ave showed us a whole different side to her that was very likable, and she even shed some light for us concerning her previous behavior and some secrets that were only slighted hinted on in the first book. Becca and Rae are adorable. Dev showed us he can overcome darkness and still find light -aka he can stand tall even after a battle of broken hearts-. We also saw more from Elena, which I really liked.
      Plot: I predicted a few things, but even then it was never completely accurate. Such as the ending, with Molly being attacked. I knew that was coming, I just didn’t think the attacker would do what he did nor did I know who he was until he started taking about things that clicked with other information we learned. The plot was fantastic and I was definitely kept on the edge of my seat.
      Overall, this is a fantastic second installment, and I can’t wait to read the next book in the series!

I’m the author behind the NA Contemporary Fantasy trilogy The Dreamland Series. When I’m not busy moonlighting in the realm of make-believe, I can be found doodling, buried in a book (usually this one), or playing video games.

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That’s my review for today. I hope you guys like it and maybe even decide to give this series a try!:)

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