Review: Ignite The Shadows by Ingrid Seymour

*I received a free ebook copy of this from Xpresso Book Tours in exchange for an honest review.

IgniteTitle: Ignite The Shadows

Author: Ingrid Seymour
Series: (Ignite The Shadows #1)
Published by: HarperVoyager
Publication date: April 23rd 2015
Genres: Science Fiction, Urban Fantasy, Young Adult


Sixteen-year-old Marci Guerrero is one of the best teen hackers in Seattle. However, she’d give up all her talents to know she isn’t crazy.

Marci feels possessed by what she perceives as shadowy spectres that take control of her body and make her do crazy things. While spying on the clandestine group known as IgNiTe, she’s confronted by the leader, James McCray. His presence stirs the spectres inside her brain into a maddening frenzy. Her symptoms and ability to control them don’t go unnoticed by James, who soon recruits her and shows her the awful truth.

Half of the world’s population is infected by sentient parasites. They bind themselves to the human brain and replace the pathways for all thoughts and actions. The creatures then morph their hosts into grotesque monsters with extraordinary strengths. Winged, clawed, fanged half-humans become living nightmares. Now Marci wishes she was crazy, because the truth is worse.

She’s infected.

Format: Ebook
Rating: 4.5/5
      Ignite The Shadows is fast-faced and action-packed so it was definitely easy to fall into. Right away we jump into a scene of action and adrenaline, which makes it intense right from the start. It definitely makes you want to keep reading. I had a hard time putting it down. This is also a sci-fi/fantasy novel that seems incredibly real and has a lead female character so gutsy, sarcastic, and strong, that you can’t get enough of her. Which means you can’t get enough of the story. Which means you’ve just been hooked and you don’t want to be free.
      Marci is a very intriguing character. For as long as she can remember, she’s had to fight these shadows that swarm her mind, these shadowy specters that try to take over her body. She has to fight them everyday on her own, and is left thinking she’s crazy. She thinks she’s the only one, but that’s not the case. She meets the leader of a group called Ignite after a failed attempt of secretly spying on Xave’s brother with Xave (her best friend). They definitely get more then they wanted out of the night when the leader of Ignite recognizes Marci’s struggles and asks her to join him. He is like her and reveals a new world to her, one where there are many more just like them; people who have been infected by monsters known as Eklyptors. She’s strong and independent, with sharp sarcasm and the ability to defend herself whether verbally or hands on. She tends to speak her mind, and yeah she makes mistakes but she always realizes them and tries to make it better. She’s a pretty caring person, although she keeps people out. She’s an overall great character,

      I also liked James’s character. He’s a bit mysterious as he tends to give answers later and orders now (he’s the leader of Ignite, he knows the risks and so it’s no surprise eh doesn’t trust easily), and there were plenty of times where I wasn’t sure I could trust him. Overall though, he’s a very likable character and Marci looks up to him. He’s strong, thoughtful, caring, always thinking of plans and strategies. He’s passionate about his cause and that makes it easy for Marci and the others to follow him. He’s a great leader and a great character.
      All the characters were great, actually. Though I do wish we knew a bit more about her twin brother they just found. I definitely don’t trust him yet, especially after the twist at the end that could possibly ruin all Marci has accomplished since joining Ignite, but he hasn’t done anything worthy of being declared a villain yet. Though I do still wonder why he was at her computer that night (was he really checking his email?) and why Marci had an off feeling about him being in her room at night with her. There’s just these little things that really make me wary of him. It’s also how he seemed to accept the lies of his life so easily too.
      Now, onto the romance. So yes, I enjoyed the slight romance in the book between Marci and Xave. However, being how things are, I almost feel like she’ll end up with Aydan instead. Aydan knows more about the secrets she’s keeping, although Xave knows more about her overall. I mean, I really love Xave and Marci together, but I just have the feeling it may not work out and I hope that feeling is wrong. Either way, I definitely am eager to see how it develops in the next book.
Overall I loved Ignite the Shadows and definitely recommend this to everyone.

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