REVIEW: The Hybrid by Venus Morales

*I received a free ebook version of this book from XpressoBookTours in exchange for an honest review.

Title: The Hybrid
Author: Venus Morales
Series: (The Hybrid Series #1)
Publication date: February 9th 2015
Genres: Urban Fantasy, Young Adult
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Format: Ebook


Ari is the Hybrid daughter to Ares, the god of war, who was raised in secrecy, until her 18th birthday when she decides to venture out into the mortal realm.
Julius, an archangel, appears to Ari with a prophesied message from the seer, that Ari wants no part of. From the moment they met Julius stirred something dark and dangerous within Ari, awakening her inner dark essence to it’s new found abilities.Alaris, the prince of the underworld. He is determined to have Ari. Slowly luring her into his web, away from Julius. Ari knows he is dangerous, and is hypnotized by him, but still refuses to run the other way. Conflicted by her emotions for two men, as her inner dark essence continues to torment her, slowly pushing her to the dark side. Ari is forced to do the one thing she has been avoiding to do, take mother’s coven and regain her crown.

Little does Ari know she is fighting for more than her crown, she is fighting for her life. She has seven days to prepare for her trials, seven days to fight for her life. As her inner dark essence tries to consume her and an unknown enemy is trying to kill her.

Ari doesn’t know what to do, doesn’t know who she can trust, when she can’t even trust herself.

      The Hybrid is full of demons, arch angels, gods and goddesses, and vampires. It’s all supernatural, love, growth, and bravery. It’s about Ari fighting her Darkness only for both sides of her to come together and fall in love.
What I Like:
-I like how Ares and Hera were actually involved in the story, not just mentioned. Especially Hera and Ily’s friendship; it’s light and fun and I enjoyed the fact that they bond over fashion.
-There were some pretty great characters; Vera, Ily, Ares, Hera, and Julius. Vera was supportive and a great person to have on Ari’s side; Ily, Ares, and Hera protective; Julius strong, confident, protective and loving.
-It was a pretty interesting plot line, with Arch Angels, Vampires, Gods and Demons. The action was pretty good too, considering all the different powers and all.
-The flow of the writing was consistent and despite the problems I had, I just had to keep reading.
What I Don’t Like:
  • Info dump right at the beginning. We were told practically right away that Ari was a Phoenacian Princess (which means she’s part vampire), and daughter to Ares, the God of war; Ily a Vampire Queen, and Julius an Arch Angel. I can see how it would work for the story, but at the same time I feel the story would’ve flowed better if we hadn’t been told right away.
  • Alaris is immediately described as a dangerous bad boy in Ari’s mind. I mean, he’s the Dark Prince, so obviously he isn’t the nicest person around, but to be a bad boy? Alaris, to me, seems like he should be more serious and brooding, considering he is the Dark Prince. I mean, who wants a petulant, bratty young man to be your ruler?
    • ‘At least the other two died with honor, more than I can say for you! You were given one task, to bring back the mortal girls… And you let them escape, you incompetent moron!’ [I don’t have a physical copy so I can’t give you the page number, I’m sorry. But it’s within the first chapter]
    • Also, when Ari comes back from the coven, he loses it and it seems too… I don’t know. I just can’t imagine anyone acting that way so suddenly when he barely knew Ari and had no reason to feel such. And, and, just from the synopsis you’d imagine Alaris is around a lot, but he really isn’t. That saddened me, but didn’t at the same time. I was sad because I felt like if he was around more, his character would be more explained and his actions more called for; and then I was glad he wasn’t there that much because the love triangle really wasn’t much of a love triangle.
  • Which brings me to this. Just from the synopsis you know there’ll be a love triangle. But not only is there a love triangle, but there’s also instant love
    • ‘I watched him intently, knowing nothing about him, except that he was the dark prince everyone whispered about. I wanted to know more than just those whispers and rumors. Why was I just standing here mesmerized by him?’ [It’s about Alaris. It’s also within the first chapter]
    • ‘He raked me with his eyes as if he were undressing me with his eyes.’ [It’s also within the first chapter and about Alaris]
    • ‘My heart quickened at the sight of him as my stomach fluttered with butterflies. He smelled like sunshine and rain mixed together.’ [This one’s about Julius and is withing the second chapter]
  • As shown in that second last quote, there were also some lines that I felt could’ve been worded better. It just felt a little awkward and I had to read them over again to make sure I actually read it right. Especially in the beginning, because every time Demons was written, it was written like Deamonons, and I have no idea if that was intentional or not.
      Overall, I liked it, but it wasn’t really for me. I suggest you give it a go though, if it sounds interesting enough for you.
Ah, I’m sorry for the bad review and if I offend anyone who has read The Hybrid and loved it.

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