REVIEW: Mental by Justice Serai

25020088  *I received the ebook version of this from Xpressoreads in exchange for an honest review.

  **This is also posted on Goodreads.

      Mental is about a teenaged girl, Lucy, who has schizophrenia and is a patient  in a psychiatric ward. Due to a baptism accident when she was a young, Lucy lives  in fear of the colors red and orange and the number 6. She fears the Devil is out to  get her and that God has left her. This is a tale full of love, recovery, and hope.  And crazy.

I’ll start off with the characters because I like pretty much all of them. They are  all very different but each are supportive and played a part in Lucy’s life. Julian,  mostly. He is the one who gave Lucy hope, who let her see that there are things in  life worth living for. He’s the one she fell for and who fell for her. Love in a crazy  place. It’s bound to be a ride, eh? But anyway, all the doctors and therapists are  there to help Lucy, and even when she loses her shit they’re still there to support  her and help her. Which is good. But at times she is selfish. She doesn’t really  appreciate her family until near the end when Julian is discharged and he tells her how lucky she is to have such loving, supportive parents. She used to believe the staff were out to get her, and when she had an episode she even accused them of being on the Devil’s side. She just never saw that they were trying to help her. Other then that though, she’s a very likeable character. She does grow and she appreciates everything her parents and Julian and the staff did/do for her, so that’s partially why.

The writing flowed well, and the story was very interesting. I especially love how hazy and confused Lucy was when she has her episode, because you could feel it through the writing. It was brilliant. But I will admit, I had a few problems with the pacing and the insta-love. I get that she’s inexperienced and after so long being surrounded by doctors and therapists that she would love the attention from the other sex, but really? She looked into his eyes and was pretty much like, ‘oh he looks into my soul with those deep eyes and oh my heart, it’s beating so fast! Is this love?’. And I feel like her recovery should have taken longer. It took hardly a day before she was over her episode and back to normal and I feel it should have taken longer.

Overall though, I like the plot and the characters and the writing. It was an interesting read and I wouldn’t mind reading more from this author. I recommend this to anyone who likes, well, institutes and romance and a little bit of crazy. d:

Rating: 4/5 stars.



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