{Late} April Wrap-Up

**This is also posted on Booklikes.


I’m Sage [not really, but I’ve always wanted that to be my name so that’s what I’m going by] and this is my new blog! I’m still working on a few things, but hopefully all will be well soon. And so I figured, why not have my first ever April Wrap-Up posted on here before I start with all the May stuff? And so that’s what I’m doing. d:

So, I read a lot of books in the month of April. And all were pretty much ebooks. I’m pretty sure I wrote a review for them all, but if not, I’ll tell you. And if you want to see my review for any of them, just click on the cover. d: Here they are:


So, that’s the order I read them in. Well, mostly. Ah, yeah the only one I didn’t do a review for is Prophecy’s Queen by Timothy Bond because I was Beta Reading it and only sent my thoughts to the author. Now though, since it’s published and some things have changed, I’ll probably re-read it and write a proper review.

If anyone reads this, and you want me to leave links to my reviews or to actually write out the titles and authors, just leave a comment and I’ll get right to it!:) Or just leave a comment about anything. d:

Have a lovely day/night!



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